The Chateau Cheval Mystery Box is here


A real treat for all Chateau Cheval lovers! Cant decide which item you want next? Want the opportunity to recieve items before they go on general sale? Want to save big on your next purchase? 


Step 1: Select your box value

Step 2: In the box, tell us your clothes size and your horses name

Step 3: Checkout and wait to see what mystery items arrive




  • Due to the "surprise" nature of the mystery boxes, all items are non-refundable unless faulty
  • We will always try our best to look through your previous purchases from our website to ensure you dont get doubles of the exact same item. However you may end up with an item similar to one you have but in a different colour. The exception to this is our Passport Pockets and Grooming bags which we won't double you up on
  • The boxes can take up to 5 days to be dispatched due to the anticipated demand
  • Your box will generate cost savings of a minimum of 25% compared to the combined total retail price (ie £30 box will be worth minimum £36, £60 box worth £72 minimum, £90 box worth £112.50 minimum)
  • If a discount code is used in conjunction with the box, the value will decrease by the relevent amount (ie if a 10% coupon is used on a £30 mystery box, the price will be £27 and minimum value of items can be £33.75)